I enjoy interpreting my work, and other scientific research, for non-scientist audiences. I have had the opportunity formally to develop my science communication skills by participating in the SciFund outreach training class and attending the ComSciCon-14 communicating science workshop. Here are a few initiatives I’m involved with:IMG_0466

  • Blue Lobster Bowl: The Blue Lobster Bowl is the Massachusetts regional competition of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl. I have volunteered as an official for the competition every year since 2012. In 2015, I mentored a new team from Chelsea High School and I served as the head science grader during the competition.
  • ComSciCon: ComSciCon is a series of workshops on communicating science organized by graduate students for graduate students. I attended the national workshop in 2014, and I served as a member of the program organizing committee for the workshop in 2015 and 2016. Specifically, I helped organize a panel session on science policy, a mixer focused on alternative science careers, and an interactive mock interview session.
  • Collaborations with the Marine Science Center’s Outreach Department: I talk to school groups visiting the MSC about my research and my path to becoming a graduate student. I also contribute to the annual MSC Open House by organizing a rocky intertidal fieldwork-inspired obstacle course.
  • Pathways to Dissertation: I (and several other MSC graduate students) participated in the Pathways to Dissertation concept mapping workshop organized by the MSC Outreach Department and the Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence – Ocean Systems (COSEE-OS). We created concept maps describing our research, made videos demonstrating scientific techniques, and presented our maps during a public lecture at the MSC.
  • Marine Science Center Graduate Student Blog: I contributed to a blog by MSC graduate students 2013-2014. I wrote about my research, life as a graduate student, local ecological issues and the history of marine science for a general audience.

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